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European projects

The European Union promotes and funds projects in which various stakeholders (governments, academia, companies and civil society) from different territories explore and test new solutions to major challenges aligned with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. These European projects provide spaces for experimentation and learning that generate new evidence to enable governments to rethink policies and practices.

Within this context, RIS3CAT operates a line of action aimed at identifying European projects with partners from Catalonia, aimed at providing evidence and learning both for RIS3CAT itself and for public policies. These learnings are particularly important for RIS3CAT 2021-2027.

The priorities of this line of action are:

  • To explore models of participatory governance that can promote and enable cooperation among various stakeholders, both within a territory and between territories, in order to address systemic challenges more effectively.
  • To explore formulas for applying responsible research and innovation in territorial development strategies and RIS3 strategies through shared agendas for sustainability and social change.
  • To develop methodologies and pilot projects that enable public administrations to focus their work on challenges and missions, taking a systemic approach through shared agendas in cooperation with the stakeholders involved.
  • To explore strategies that enable public administrations to promote the development of business models that can generate shared value.
  • To explore formulas that generate synergies and complementarities and so maximise the impact of European projects financed by different funds and programmes.