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RIS3-MCAT Platform

Unió Europea, Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional

Platform to map the smart specialisation of Catalonia

An interactive tool to visualise the development of the sectorial and technological specialisation of research and innovation in Catalonia financed by European funds


The RIS3-MCAT Platform is an open government, artificial intelligence, data visualisation initiative that integrates and interrelates open data from science and innovation projects, making this data interoperable with the aim of contributing to the following goals:

  • Assess the impact of European funds on the specialisation of the research and innovation ecosystem in Catalonia.
  • Identify opportunities to maximise the collective impact of research and innovation in Catalonia through synergies and the coordination of efforts.
  • Provide new evidence to assist decision-making by stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem of Catalonia, encourage new collaboration dynamics and inspire new public policies.
  • Raise the profile of organisations in Catalonia that participate in European research and innovation networks.
  • Understand how European funds contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The new platform, which is currently at the concept testing stage, enables mapping and characterisation of activities by Catalan organisations in Horizon 2020 European programme projects and instruments of RIS3CAT (emerging technologies, public procurement of innovation, RIS3CAT communities, knowledge industry, R&D&I infrastructure, technology cores, PECTs and knowledge transfer). This platform:

  • Dynamically maps the relations between organisations in the R&D&I system in Catalonia and detects the structure and evolution of innovative networks and communities in the various areas of specialisation.
  • Dynamically maps cooperation by organisations in Catalonia with international partners within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme.
  • Shows the contribution to the SDGs, evolution over time and geographic distribution of projects and players in the R&D&I system of Catalonia .
  • Enables users to explore fields of research and innovation in Catalonia through more than 15,000 key words.

General description

The RIS3-MCAT Platform enables visualisation and exploration of data by using two main cores of information:

1. An overview of network member organisations, which occupies the central space on the screen.

The organisations are represented by circles in which the size, colour, location and lines linking them all assist with interpreting the data. The mouse can be used to identify and select organisations.

This overview can also be restricted to subgroups of data by applying any of the following filters: 

  • Programme
  • Sectorial area
  • Technology
  • SDG
  • Province
  • Year of project commencement
  • Type of organisation
  • Name of organisation
  • Keywords 

Moreover, from the lateral menu, the user can change the criteria by which the organisations are grouped in order to show them as networks as follows:

  • High level of cooperation (groups of entities that tend to collaborate more among themselves than with others)
  • Programmes (Horizon 2020, RIS3CAT instruments or both)
  • Province 
  • Type of organisation

2. Information modules at the bottom of the screen, which show, for each group of data selected in the network, figures on

  • Number of projects
  • Number of organisations
  • Investment associated with projects 
  • Number of partners outside Catalonia
These modules can also be used to show more detailed information through graphs, tables, and key words.
Additionally, the Platform also offers the possibility of downloading the data viewed on a CSV file and of making queries about all the data included using SPARQL.
Ajuda de la Plataforma

Explicació detallada de les funcionalitats que la Plataforma posa a disposició dels usuaris per explorar les dades integrades

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